About ChiChiGirls
ChiChiGirls is the website for ladies to upload and share videos and photos, as well as enter into ChiChiGirl pageants and contests, post blog entries and forum topics, and have photos and videos rated by ladies and gentlemen around the world. Both ladies and gentlemen may login and comment photos, blogs, videos, communicate in the forums, rate photos and videos, as well as vote for Miss ChiChiGirls of the month and year.

ChiChiGirls was released in December 2010 by Soma Studios, an interactive web and creative arts studio in Brooklyn, NY, as its eighth production. The site is currently released in its beta stage.

ChiChiGirl Pageants and Contests
ChiChiGirl beauty pageants and contests will take place at the Site each month. Prizes will be awarded such as vacations, automobiles, education grants, cash and more to pageant and contest winners. Each month, new sets of pageant and contest rules will be posted. You must be female and at least 18 years of age to enter.

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The Rocket to Luna - A rocket to the moon project to end world hunger and war, scheduled for launch during the winter solstice of December 21, 2012.
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