Miss Chichi Girls

Recently launched. No Miss Chichi Girls this month.

Ladies: register and sign-in to upload stylish and fashionable photos and videos for a chance to become next month's Miss Chichi Girl.

Gentlemen: to vote for next month's Miss Chichi Girls, you must be logged in, purchase a Chichi Girls' subscription (for as low as $5.99),
and click on the vote button such as the one below which may be located at Chichi Girl photo, video, and profile pages.

Each month, photographs and videos of ladies from all around the world with the most votes will be displayed in this section.
Each country will have its own section, together with a section for Miss World Chichi Girls, as well as a special annual section for Miss Chichi Girls of the year.

Note: the above vote button is an example and is inactive.

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