All girls and women know that being in sports is extremely useful.

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We take any participation in sports for granted and usually expect that it will bring considerable benefits, including improved health and emotional wellbeing.

woman sportsActually, many studies confirm that women get many health benefits from being physically active. First, sports help women to prevent a whole bunch of complicated diseases, including those that most frequently impact women. Childhood health improves and the risks of chronic diseases reduce, when women choose to have an active lifestyle. Older women can reduce the risks of cardiovascular complications, if they participate in sport activities. To a large extent, sports are a great way to delay diseases and death that come with age. The more you train the longer you live, - and this is the motto thousands of women in our country choose to follow.

However, you should not forget that sport by itself will save you from the major health risks. Before engaging in any activity, think twice and consider the existing health problems. If you already have cardiovascular problems, physical problems, problems with your sight, you should consult your physician and choose those sport activities which will not harm you. Be very cautious with how you approach the sport activity and do not overestimate your physical abilities. Remember, that there is nothing good in being at the extreme. Everything is good as long as it is moderate and reasonable. Donít try to spend the entire day in a gym simply because you want a fast result. The best result is a healthy result: schedule your activities, change your diet, and you will see how your physique improves!

Another problem is that not all sports are suitable for girls and women, although we know how women try to conquer the new landscapes. We always want to be equal with men, but is it good to participate in all kinds of sports without any exception? May be it is worth leaving certain kinds of sports for men only? I donít know how to answer this question. Women certainly do have the right to participate in all types of activities, but they should also remember that in everything they do they are still women!

What concerns me the most is that, even while more women want to participate in sports, barriers to their participation remain. The number of women participating in professional sports increases very slowly, mainly because many men believe that women should focus on other obligations rather than sports. While women express their willingness to participate in amateur and professional sports, official organizations and sports leagues should become more active and eliminate the existing barriers. We have everything we need to become successful in sports, and we know that such participation will make us healthy and good-looking!

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