What do girls enjoy to do when they have free time?

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What are their hobbies? This is one of the most interesting questions men and women would like to answer.

woman hobbiesActually, almost every man asked a woman about her hobby, since the presence or absence of a hobby tells much about any girl’s character and attitudes toward life. Girls may like different things, but the fact that they have a hobby usually mean that they are committed to one idea and have patience to do one and the same thing during their lifetime. It may also mean that a girl is relatively stable in her values, beliefs, and interests, although hobbies may change. They may even become an obsession.

The main question is what exactly modern girls do for hobbies. There is no answer to this question. It seems that the age of technologies provides vast opportunities for creativity and leisure. However, it appears that girls are quite limited in the things they can do beyond work. I don’t really know whether it is all about discrimination or gender prejudices or because girls have less time for pleasures than for their families, but this is the fact. I see much fewer girls and women with a hobby than I see hobby-men.

It is interesting to see what girls and women liked to do many years ago. In the 1930s, before and during the Great Depression, dolls were the most popular pastime. Small girls played dolls, and adult women collected them. One of the most popular hobbies was sewing doll clothes, and some girls had whole wardrobes for their dolls created with their own hands and with the help of their mothers. Equally popular were paper girls, and their outfits were also made of paper. In popular magazines paper dolls were an effective entertainment supplement. Thousands of girls and women bought popular magazines, looking for new dolls and outfits.

Stamp collecting was another way to spend free time for women. Again, in the 1930s, stamp collecting became extremely popular under the influence of President Roosevelt. Women collected stamps for their beauty, while many men had a hope their collections would cost a fortune some day. However, even today, stamps printed in the 1930s are extremely popular and common. As a result, they have little or no monetary value.

Today’s girls are much more diverse in their hobbies and preferences. First, electronic books have turned reading into the most popular girls’ hobby. Women and girls devote themselves to cooking and learn nail art skills. Women-photographers have become extremely common: plenty of women own professional equipment and produce excellent works. Performing arts and even gardening are among the most popular girls’ pastimes.

Yet, modern girls do not forget about exotic hobbies. Traveling to exotic countries, hiking, racing, engineering, and others are also extremely popular among girls. The world favors girls’ choices, and they have more hobby opportunities than their peers twenty and fifty years ago. Most probably, the nature of girls’ hobbies will soon change, but it is clear that girls will never betray the idea or activity they choose to be their hobby.

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