Women change the world every day.

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Through their care, support provided to men and the rest of the society, their beauty and power, as well as their willingness to work towards the predetermined goal, women make our world more colorful.

Joan of ArcEvery day, all the year round, since morning and until evening, and even through the night, the small things done by women make this world warmer. We, ladies, were born to make this world feminine, and we have numerous role models to follow. Dozens of women have changed the world we currently live in. Without them, our realities would have been quite different. Writers and queens, artists and scientists – women have always been at the forefront of the world’s economic, social, and cultural development. Let’s remember who were those women, who have made our world the way it is today. Let’s devote several minutes to the discussion of the most prominent and outstanding women of all times.

Let’s get back to the ancient times, when women were just entering the public sphere. One of the first famous women in the history of humanity was Sappho. She lived around 600 BC on the Lesbos Island and had a privileged life of Greek aristocracy. She became famous for her unique contribution to the development of ancient literature. Sappho’s literary creations are still included in university and college-based curricula. Sappho became the founder of the so-called lesbian literature, and that was also the reason why here works were ignored for many years.

Many centuries later, the world was the first to hear the name of a young lady Joan of Arc. Born in 1412, she became well-known for her self-sacrifice. Joan of Arc said: “one life is all we have and we live it as we believe living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.” Joan de Arc died for her strong commitment to God, and she teaches modern women not to give up their ideas or strivings for the sake of public opinion. Not everything we hear from others can guide us in the right direction. We, women, have a kind of intuition to make unique decisions and choose the most appropriate decision or action.

The 18th century saw another woman entering the world of outstanding personalities: Catherine the Great became one of the most controversial female figures in the history of the world. Catherine the Great was well=known for her power and persistence. She taught her people to be humane, gentle, and open to people, whatever their social status. She was the strongest empress Russia could ever dream to have, and she remains one of the best political managers of all times.

All these figures confirm the unique talents women have and can develop. We, ladies, have an inner capacity to move mountains. We can look fashionable and vulnerable but fight hard to achieve our goals. We are lucky to be women, and we should be proud of belonging to the female part of our society!

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