Flats Are Back! Fashionable Flat Sandals for the Summer

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Since flats and sandals are back in fashion this summer, let's take a look at their types, and the occasions when you'd look hot in sandals.

High heels aren’t comfortable, and while they are a staple of any woman’s wardrobe (whether for professional or weekend wear) the trend for the last two years has leaned toward comfortable, flat sandals for the summer. That’s not to say that women are willing to sacrifice the look for the comfort of a flat shoe and designers are making sure that there are a variety of options from casual to dressy.

If you are ready to add some great flat sandals to your closet, there are a few things you should know about choosing the right sandal for your feet. Not all flat sandals are made the same, but with a few tips you can shop for a few pairs of women’s sandals that will add some flair to your wardrobe this year.

Walking Sandals
If you are the type of person that likes to be outdoors a lot, then a flat sandal can be a versatile choice. One of the things you want to be picky about if you plan to use your flats for walking is how easily the shoe can “come off” while walking. Gravel, sand and other debris can get into an open toe flat sandal and injure your feet. Your best bet (if you plan to walk a few miles) is to choose a sandal which has a closed toe. It will protect your feet and be secured by comfortable straps to make your walk more pleasurable.

Pool Sandals
Whether you are going on vacation or plan to spend some time around your own pool this summer, consider the benefit of having flat sandals specifically for the deck. Many hotels and gyms insist on wearing pool sandals in their enclosures for health reason, and they can help protect your feet from exposure to fungus and other health concerns. Choose a waterproof sandal and one that can be cleaned with soap and hot water to keep them clean in between use.

For the Office
Does your workplace allow you to wear open toed sandals during the summer? Many offices do as long as the sandal follows the same rules as regular, professional foot wear. When choosing flat sandals for the office err on the side of conservative and a pair of black sandals can be versatile enough to be paired with virtually any outfit. A little bit of color is acceptable but save the really creative sandals for recreational wear.

In Case of Emergency
Did you know that flexible flat sandals are a great emergency shoe? If you plan to spend the day in high heels, tuck a pair of comfortable flat sandals into your bag. When your feet start to get sore or tired you can switch your footwear to prevent fatigue and even blisters. Many women find this useful when they are travelling through busy areas such as the airport or on public transit.

There are many new options available when it comes to innovative casual and formal flat sandal options. If you have a closet of high heel shoes it might be time to invest in some stylish, flat and versatile women’s sandals.

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