An Embossed Wallet or a Debossed Leather Handbag- What’s The Difference?

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Across the world, we get to hear and read about terms such as embossing and debossing. Well, the leather manufacturing industry sure does have its own terms to explain things with. When it comes to the wallet and handbags industry, especially those that deal with leather products, these terms are frequently used.

When a certain embellishment is given to the leather handbag or wallet, it is known to be embossed. This technique adds more style and elegance to the item, which people crave to have for a long lasting effect. Debossing on the other hand would be the exact opposite of what embossing stands for. For example, check the Embossed Bad Mother Fucker Wallet, and guess which technique has been used.

Commonly used

In fact, embossing and debossing are very important techniques used in the creation of handbags and leather wallets. With embossing, one can have an image, logo or brand’s name pressed onto the surface of the leather handbag or wallet; this makes the image rise from the leather surface and is clearly seen by all. This would be perfect for corporate gifting or promotions, where advertising and marketing a brand or a company’s product in this manner, turns out to be successful.

In the case of debossing, it is the image’s area around it which would be pressed and not the image. This would help the image go deeper into the surface of the material, but wouldn’t allow it to be raised.

How is it done?

When an image needs embossing to be applied, the artwork or the logo would be used. This would be a template which would be taken into consideration. The template would have various uses in the future manufacturing needs, where more designs as such would be created. Most of the templates are made of copper and brass, says research and studies. For single level impressions on any of the products being manufactured, magnesium templates are used.

The process

The leather material is kept between two dies, to which heat or a press would be applied. This would squeeze the die pattern onto the surface of the leather handbag or wallet. The logo would be copied in exact forms and would be raised as well, artwork thus embossed. The area wouldn’t be rough to touch and feel, since pressure and heat act with ironing effects. This was about embossing, let’s now take a look at how debossing is done

When debossing happens, the process isn’t quite different from embossing. Yes, the only difference here would be the material which needs to be imprinted on would be raised at the area where work needs to happen.  For the process, ties made of copper, brass and even magnesium are used.

General queries

Blind debossing includes foil stamping or screen-printing which is very common when leather handbags and wallets are made.  As compared to debossing, the process is simpler than that of embossing, no complications involved. When silk screen-printing is used in conjunction with debossing, the results thereof are very colourful, with plenty of detailing and marvellous artwork, lettering too.

Preferred by all

Embossing and debossing are preferred by almost all manufacturers of leather handbags and wallets, across the globe. The methods are widely used for imprinting on the surfaces or to go down deep. Most corporate houses ask for such services, either for promotional and advertising reasons or to send out corporate gifts to internal and external clients. Having learnt a little more than what you new, did you finally guess the technique used for the Embossed BMF Wallet?

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