Bikini contests, what do they bring?

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Is it just about showing the beauty of female body, or is it about speculating regarding womenís sexuality and openness in public? Letís try to figure out what it really takes to participate in a bikini contest.

bikini womenFirst of all, letís see how many bikini contests are held every year around the world. There is no definite statistics as to how many bikini contests take place every year. However, you can find at least a dozen of bikini contest advertisements and participate in the upcoming bikini events, if you are willing to. This is an ever-expanding business industry, where girls can win a number of prizes and organizers can earn their points on advertising and sponsorship. The number of bikini contests constantly increases, and you can even participate in a bikini contest online! All you need to do is to send your photo in a bikini and become a winner!

Second, to participate in a bikini contest, you certainly need to have a perfect physique! Well, unless you are going to become a comedian or beat the existing stereotypes, you should definitely care about your appearance and look. Participation in a bikini contest is a perfect motivation for every woman who wants to look great. You donít even have to participate in any contest; just imagine that you simply want it! Change your diet, become physically active, smile and love the world, and by the time you become a fashionable, perfect-looking lady, you may even forget that some time you wanted to participate in a bikini contest! Just imagine that you want to win, and this idea will move your decisions and acts better than any other motive!

Third, if you believe that bikini contests humiliate women and turn them into an object of sexuality, think twice before you yourself decide to participate in this activity. Remember, that participation in bikini contests is absolutely voluntary, and no one makes you move around the beach or stage in a bikini. You come to show yourself to the public. You want to look sexual. Actually, this is the only way you can win in a bikini contest Ė you need to look sexual and seductive! Otherwise, you should visit a library and read a book.

Surely, I am not trying to say that a bikini contest is the only way to look sexual and attractive. I am not trying to say that bikini contests are the best tests to your sexuality. You donít need to show yourself in a bikini, just to feel sexual and desired. Moreover, if you participate but donít win, you shouldnít think that this is the end to your sexuality and attractiveness. Women have everything to enjoy their lives to the fullest, and there are plenty of opportunities to realize themselves and feel needed. A woman can be sexual even if she works in a workshop. Sexuality is something coming from the inside, and to look sexual you should first feel this way. Once you achieve this goal, you wonít need any bikini contests to feel great!

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