What can women do to their bodies, in order to look different?

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The example of a young twenty-year-old lady from Odessa, Ukraine, suggests that there are no limits to physical perfection.

Barbie Girl Odessa, Ukraine Valeria LukyanovaThe main question, however, is whether or not such perfection is necessary for personal success and individual satisfaction. Another question is in how physical attractiveness impacts the lives of girls around the world.

Look at these pictures: you may be surprised to know that this is now a doll but a real girl living in Odessa, Ukraine. Ukrainian Barbie, this is how you would like to call her. Barbie is her ideal and desired state of body. She is doing everything possible and impossible, just to look like a Barbie Doll.

Needless to say, the girl and her image have generated serious speculations online. She has become extremely popular far beyond the borders of her country. A recent article in Forbes clearly indicates that unusual appearance can turn even the most ordinary woman into a giant of popularity. However, let’s try to look beyond the invisible and dig a little bit deeper than the Barbie face.

This Ukrainian Barbie is not a doll but a real woman named Valeria Lukyanova, a twenty-year-old lady, whose main goal in this life is to look like a Barbie doll. Yes, it would be correct to say that her entire life is focused on this goal, and she has been rather successful in her plastic surgery transformations. No diets or physical exercises can change a female body to the extent, where she starts to look like a Barbie doll. Colored contact lenses, eyelash extensions, hair dying, and plastic surgeries have turned Valeria into an icon of fashionable Internet in Ukraine and beyond.

However, what do we see when we move closer to this lady? Is it a Barbie doll or a human? She is weird-looking, not to say more, and her large but empty-looking eyes tell much about her inner world. She may be writing poems and songs, participate in blog writing activities and have a university degree. However, her obsession with the Barbie-like appearance does not seem to fit clearly into an image of a well-educated girl. A girl who says she does not eat solid food and only drinks water and juices raises many questions, mainly in the field of psychology. Moreover, she distorts the image of female beauty that has long been part of Eastern Europe’s public image. Women in Ukraine and Russia are much more natural and beautiful than any hand-made Barbie could ever look.

What seems tragic is that there are definitely no limits to plastic surgery. Today, anyone with some money in their pockets can readily change themselves to look like a popular personality or even a doll! Even more tragic is the fact that such people teach us how to live our lives properly. Valeria Lukyanova from Odessa believes she has enough experience and mental capacity to improve the lives of other people. It’s a pity that all she has been able to achieve in her young age is transforming her body to look like a Barbie. I wonder, what her parents think about all this stuff…

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