“Women do not watch football” – thousands of men would say.

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“It’s not for ladies, going to the stadium, drinking beer, and shouting slogans” – others would confirm. Yet, in reality, the number of women watching and attending male sport events constantly increases.

woman soccerEspecially in soccer, the number of women-fans is almost the same as the number of men-fans. In Europe and America, where soccer remains one of the most popular games, it has become absolutely normal for women to be active supporters of their favorite teams. Women greatly contribute to the emotional side of soccer and other sports. We love sports, because of their drive and tension. We never know the result, and we want our team to win the game. We devote ourselves to the game we love the most, and we don’t really care what men have to say about the way we support our team.

However, we definitely differ from our men, not only in the way we dress and behave but also in the way we are fans. Reasons and motives behind our sport commitment differ, too. While our boyfriends and husbands watch soccer because they believe it is a part of their male culture, we start watching soccer either because we want to support our men or because a professional soccer player has attracted our attention. Do you recognize yourself, ladies? Don’t you agree that so many famous soccer players and other professional athletes are physically attractive? This is one of the main reasons why we start getting interested in this or that kind of sports. With time, we realize that the game has become something more than simply watching our favorite guy running across the field. We gradually grow to understand the rules of the game, its interest and value. We learn about other teams, too, and become truly interested in its fight for another national or international cup.

We get so deep into the game of soccer, that each and every loss faced by our team becomes our own loss. Don’t you remember yourself crying or being extremely upset after losing an important game? Don’t you remember how you tried to calm down and support your boyfriend and husband after an unsuccessful attempt to win a national or international cup? We become emotionally ‘sick’, when our soccer team loses the game. Even more tragic is the feeling that we cannot actually do anything. We cannot change the course of the game, and the best we can do is to send our emotional energy to the players in the field.

What I would like to say is that male soccer fans often forget that there are ladies-fans, too. We do deserve to get a share of this sport happiness! You should not say everyone that finding a girl who loves soccer is not possible! What you need to do is to become more attentive to everything that is going on around you! Look around and understand that thousands of girl-fans would love to support you and share your delight! We love sports and we are ready to support our teams!

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