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Summer is reaching its culmination. June and July are probably the hottest and most favorites summer months. However, this summer is not forever and, unless you live in a tropical climate, you will have to face autumn and winter very soon.

women fashion fursThis is why it is never too late to consider what you will wear during winter. As always, fur coats are fashionable and should remain an essential element in your wardrobe. However, it is not enough just to have a fur coat among your dresses and sweaters. You should know what exactly looks fashionable this year and what exactly you should choose to look modern.

First of all, pay particular attention to fluffy fur. This is the most popular element of all fur collections this year. When choosing your fur, focus on lama, raccoon, fox and arctic fox. However, as we always say, never limit your choices to the most fashionable trends. While choosing a fur coat, consider your preferences and tastes. We are ladies, and our main goal is to look natural! Even the most fashionable thing will not make you look better, if it does not fit you! For example, this year you can choose short nap furs. No matter whether you choose a knitted or whole skin coat, you will look fashionable!

Apart from fluffy furs, consider the use of fluffy details on your fur coat. Moreover, if you finally decide to get a fashionable leather, not fur, coat, consider an opportunity to have it decorated with fluffy fur details. For example, you can get a fashionable coat, whose collar is trimmed with lama or fox pieces.

The length of fur coats in 2013 should also be considered. Remember, that the most fashionable in 2013 are the fur coats, whose length varies between mid-thigh and mid-calf. If you are looking for something truly fashionable, choose fur coats that reach your knees. Donít forget about unconventional cuts but, again, see how and whether they fit you at all. In everything you choose, make sure that you feel comfortable and up-to-date, and it does not really matter which type of the fur coat you are wearing, as long as it adds to your personal image.

What about colors? You have a full freedom of choice! In 2013, you can choose the colors and combinations of colors you like. Todayís designers do not show any specific color preferences, letting you choose what you like and want to wear. However, it is becoming more fashionable to combine different types of leather. Belts are also extremely fashionable. Fur coat models without a collar but with a V-neck are likely to become a fashion hit this winter. Short sleeves are also fashionable in 2013.

Trends are changing, and so are our lives. This is why we always say that trends can determine our tastes and choices, but they can never determine our comfort. Feel free and be yourself, and do not limit yourself to fashion! We, ladies, have an intuition that guides our fashion choices, and this is the best guiding light in our striving to perfection!

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