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Today, you are going out. So, you don’t really want to think about serious things. You choose your best dress, best shoes, look into the mirror and launch to the party.

woman fashionYou know that you look spectacular, but you also need to know what awaits you in the nearest future. Learn about the latest trends in evening dresses and prepare yourself for the outstanding parties in 2013!

First of all, remember that all parties are designed to be unforgettable. Therefore, the way you look must also match the mood of the party itself and the people in it. This is why all evening dresses, without exception, must match these moods and expectations. Do not expect evening dresses to become darker or gloomier in 2013. Get prepared to wear challenging models, experience challenging colors, and change your moods. As always, evening dresses will look luxurious and rich. Romance will prevail. No matter whether you wear heavy velvet or shining metal colors, you will have to look romantic, tender, and vulnerable – this is the key to being fashionable next year! Choose any color you like, as long as it fits your romantic image, and do not forget about expensive jewelry to add to your look!

Open shoulders will remain the hit of the season in 2013. The latest collections of evening dresses are filled with models that have no straps. Sleeves are neither common, although there is nothing bad wearing an evening dress with sleeves. The situation with length is somewhat different. Be extremely thorough while choosing the length of your evening dress. In 2013, the most fashionable will be evening dresses that do not go below your knees. This, however, does not mean that you cannot choose luxurious long evening dresses or cute minidresses for parties. One thing you should know is that asymmetric evening dresses are no longer as fashionable as they used to be just a couple of seasons ago. Again, you may choose this type of evening dress, but only in case it makes you look outstanding. Do not try to experiment with asymmetry, turning yourself into bad taste. Choose asymmetric models that are long, rather than short.

Draperies and other details are extremely trendy in 2013. Do not be afraid to experiment with them! Try to add some metallic ‘taste’ to your evening dress, to look more fashionable and modern! In these ‘metallic’ dresses, romance is uniquely combined with modernity. With this dress, you can prove to everyone that being modern in an industrial postmodern world is possible and even beautiful. Black and metallic colors will be the trendiest in 2013, followed by the variations of dark blue and burgundy.

If you feel hot, choose transparent multi-layered models, which will make you feel comfortable and beautiful. But remember that, whatever direction fashion takes, you should first look yourself and be yourself. Do not trade yourself for the sake of fashion. Fashion does not make you beautiful, but you make fashion trendy. Keep a balance of fashion and self-expression. Enjoy the unique party moments in your shining evening dress!

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