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Imagine a situation: you wake up in the morning and hear your boyfriend asking you to help him choose the best shoes.

cinderella - male shoesOr, more seriously, you are looking for male shoes to present to your boyfriend on his birthday or any other important event. You remember the problems you usually face while choosing shoes and clothes for yourself, but what will you do when you face the same problems with male choices? You donít know what to do. You are confused and lost. You feel like a prince who has Cinderellaís shoes but does not know what to do with them. You know how male shoes usually look, but you have no idea of what it takes to make the most appropriate male choice. Putting yourself in your boyfriendís shoes is not possible. This way you both will end up wearing female sandals!

First, you should stop and take a deep breath. The situation is not as bad as you think. Do not imagine yourself as stupid or unable to make serious decisions. Choosing shoes for your boyfriend is much easier than you could imagine. The calmer and more confident you feel, the better choices you will make. We strongly recommend you to give up all negative thoughts and focus on choose the most appropriate pair.

Second, donít think that your boyfriend does not care about the shoes he wears. Most men pretend they donít care about the way they look. The reality is quite different: everything cares. The only difference is that everyone chooses to show this in a different way. You should appreciate the fact that your boyfriend asks you for help: he trusts you! You have taste and understanding of the shoe market trends, and you will certainly contribute to your boyfriendís image!

Third, there are simple rules every man should follow while choosing shoes for himself. These are also the recommendations you will have to pursue, while helping your boyfriend with this task. Shoes should be of the same tone or darker than the pants. Socks should match the shoes? Ė Forget about this! Better think about the entire outfit and imagine which type and color of socks will best suit it. Third, look at the belt your boyfriend is wearing, and try to match the shoes to it. Now think about the way your boyfriend is going to wear the shoes Ė is he looking for something routine and casual or something more outstanding and evening-like? If you are looking for the shoes to be worn with dress pants, imagine your boyfriend in a suit, and you will easily find the desired pair of shoes. Casually, remember what your boyfriend likes to wear every day, and this will give you a clue. Finally, do not mix casual shoes with those used with jeans: jeans are a specific type of clothing that demands their own shoes.

Now, with all these recommendations followed, your boyfriend is the brightest looking guy in the neighborhood. You should be proud of yourself, because learning to do new things is always useful!

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