Why do Women Buy Shoes?

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Womenís shoes and shopping have always been a mystery to men. But of course, shoes have different effects to a girl. Aside from its functional value, it can also have an emotional value to women.

shoesItís kind of like a basketball game or a video game to men. You seem to not get enough of it because it always changes and itís always updating. Despite that, we all know that no matter how many shoes girls get, they will always have a favorite pair or two.

Here are some of the reasons from www.chichigirls.com on why girls love buying shoes. These can be a guide to girls who thinks when the right time to buy shoes is. These reasons can also help men understand why girls would always have that special bond between that thing that protects her feet from harm and make her look gorgeous in her outfit.

If a woman had a great day, she sometimes makes the shoes or sandals a reward for herself. There are times in womanís life where she would have a very happy moment that she can only express that happiness in buying shoes. Women are very emotional, that is why most women keep things that remind them of happy memories that they had. If a woman got a big raise at work, or has been promoted, just got engaged or whatever that happy moment is, she would buy shoes to make her feel rewarded. She would also look good with new shoes. Thatís always a plus factor.

If a woman is having a bad day, shopping for shoes and sandals make her feel better. There is no scientific study for this kind of behavior among women but buying shoes does not always mean that a woman is happy. Shoes can become a guilty pleasure for most women and when they are down, they always need to see something pretty to make them happy again. Shoes and sandals tend to have that effect on most women. That is why, whatever problems she is facing, though not thoroughly solved, are lighter when she buys new shoes.

Women buy shoes for special occasions. If a woman is invited on a date, a wedding or a special gathering, she would always try to look her best. After all, she would like to stand out as the prettiest girl on any event. This is why men should not be angry when women buy new shoes because it can help them look beautiful. Isnít that every manís dream? To go out with the prettiest girl? New shoes on events will also boost a womanís ego and make her more confident when mingling with other people.

Seasons change so new shoes are always needed. Unlike men who can have one style of haircut for the rest of his life, women always like to look different. That is why they invest on what can make them look beautiful and different. Different seasons in weather make the necessity for women to buy new shoes. You donít want to wear sandals on winter and wear boots on the summer right? Just like fashion trends, shoes of women has to be updated to be in style.

These are just some of the reasons why women buy shoes. Whatever your reason is, as long as it makes you fabulous, you have the right reasons girl.

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