What Women Need to Know about Sandals

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Sandals are now a very relative term for footwear because of the different styles and fashions that is available. But by definition, is a light open shoe held on by straps around the ankle or across the instep.

sandal These kinds of footwear are the favorite by women to wear during warm weather seasons like summer and spring. These come with different sizes and styles to match a womanís outfit or personality. Most of the sandals nowadays are sold in stores. But because of technological developments, these sandals can now be bought online because of the many online shops that cater to womenís foot fetishes.

With these information at hand, www.chichigirls.com can help you girls out there about the things that you need to know when buying or choosing your sandals, whether itís in a local store and malls or online.

Aside from the sandalsí popularity to women, they are also the most functional when women talk about footwear for casual and formal attire. A woman definitely looks stunning when she wears black sandals combined by a gorgeous red colored night gown. Hereís a tip girls, when you are wearing a gown or cocktail dress, itís highly recommended that you use sandals instead of shoes. Some nice heels would actually fit any long gown. When you are choosing heels for sandals, try to look for high heels that can support your toes and feet. High heels sandals tend to make your feet hurt if worn for a long time. If you are attending a party where you know that you cannot sit for long periods of hours, then itís advisable that you choose function over fashion. Donít get me wrong, itís elegant to wear very high heels but itís going to be a deal breaker when you canít walk straight after long hours of standing because your feet hurts so much.

If you are working or love swimming, then try to put on flip-flops when you do these activities. These make your feet refreshed, and your movement will not be limited. You can walk, run, crawl and you wonít have to worry about your footwear. If you decide that you want to go swimming, you can just take it off easily and run towards the pool. Flip-flops are convenient, easy, and they put focus on your beautiful feet.

Before you purchase heels, try to know what kind of feet you have. Some women tend to be flat-footed and they have difficulty walking with heels. They are prone to sprains. That is a very difficult injury when you are wearing high heels on a very formal occasion. Practice makes perfect. As with sandals, if you obtained a new pair of sandals with a significant height in heels, practice walking with it for 15-30 minutes before you use it on the actual event. Being familiar with how to walk while wearing your sandals with high heels may reduce the risk of injury and difficulty walking.

Choose the colors of the sandals that would match your personality, if not your dress. Remember that you are what you wear, and whether itís flats, flip-flops or high heeled sandals, you will stand out most when you are yourself.

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