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Many things in this world can get a womanís attention but there is a special attention that is given by most women of the world to footwear.

Naked Feet

Most fashion companies have invested a lot in womenís shoes and itís not surprising because of the effect of the demands of women around the world for new designs of different styles of shoes all over the globe. There are many sources of shoes nowadays: markets, stores, malls and online. If you are a woman who likes to have her closet full of shoes different in function and style, then www.chichigirls.com will suggest a few must-haves in sandals and shoes design.

To make up your mind into what footwear you will use, www.chichigirls.com will give you tips and a little information regarding the sandals or shoe and their respective functions. Women have different favorite styles of sandals or shoes, but it wonít hurt if you try something new right? The right shoe for the right occasion. Read on and let www.chichigirls.com guide you into choosing the best footwear that can make you flaunt your beautiful feet in. Each step with these kinds of shoes can help you get the confidence boost that you need.

Mel Shoes. These types of shoes are noticeable because of the sleek cutaway sides and a peep toe design that can make your feet look elegant and gives you the comfort that you need because it would leave the middle part of your feet open so that air can enter. Most of these shoes are decorated with translucent or layered decorations. This makes the shoes stand out because of its shine and elegance. Choose these types of shoes for casual dresses. It will make you stand out. Before wearing mel shoes though, make sure that your feet have been pedicured.

Gladiator Sandals. If youíve seen the movie, then you probably what makes this footwear distinct. In case you havenít, then itís characterized by an open round toe style, solidly braided adjustable straps and leather outsoles. These kinds of sandals would go well with casual and formal dresses. It also makes your feet refreshed because almost all of it is open. Pedicure is also recommended when you wear these kind of sandals.

Brogues. These kinds of shoes may look old-fashioned but it never goes out of style. These are mostly made of leather so you can be sure that they are tough. These shoes go well with casual dresses. You can also wear these shoes on a formal setting. You would look great when you go to your office when you have a pair of these.

Wedges. These are one of the most popular kinds of ladies footwear available today. Whether itís shoes or sandals, wedges are one of the most attractive kinds of footwear for the ladies. These shoes are styled with one single material, usually rubber, that acts as both its sole and heel. These are also great for women because it offers the support that one needs to make them comfortable despite the heels.

Whatever your preferences in shoes are, be sure to have at least two kinds of these shoes for your feet. These can be your guide to the footwear that you would store in your closet.

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