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Women all over the world have the right to show their beauty for the whole world to admire. That is why is always hosting a contest for all the women of the world to join.

Every girl is entitled to their own fashion statement and let it be seen for the whole world to be in awe of. If you think that you have what it takes to join and win, then donít just sit there and dream, reach for it and join www.chichigirls.comís May-June 2012 Lingerie Fashion Contest. hosts a contest that features different categories for all the women of the world. For the month of May-June of 2012, the category is Lingerie. If you think that you are the respective winner for this contest, then dress up in the most beautiful, sexiest and hottest lingerie that you have, grab a camera or a video camera, and upload your photos to Great prizes are waiting for those who will win this contest so do not miss this opportunity to be recognized and be on the top of the lingerie modelsí ladder.

If you want to join the contest, here are just some reminders that you need to know:

1. You can only upload up to a maximum of five photos of yourself in the May/June 2012 Pageant & Contest Album of Lingerie Modeling Fashion. Now girls, remember this because this is very important: if you already uploaded your photos, then that is considered as your final entry or entries. Final is final. You cannot edit, remove or replace your submitted photos so be sure that youíve done the necessary steps and have chosen the best photos that you can offer before submitting it. You canít afford to make mistakes if you want to win.

2. If you choose to use video as an entry then only 1 video is allowed to be uploaded as an entry to the Lingerie Modeling Fashion. Same as the photos, you cannot remove, edit or replace the video that you uploaded to the website. Again, be careful and make sure that what you submitted is the best video that you have. Get your creative juices flowing and shoot yourself in the living room, the bedroom, the farm, the desert, or anywhere you think you would look the sexiest in your lingerie. Extend those creative juices to their limits.

3. Submit your entries by JUNE 30, 2012 or else everything that youíve worked for will be put to waste. Be fast, but be precise and creative.

4. This contest is open to all the women in the world. If youíre aged 18-21, the site may require a permission note from parents or guardians allowing you to join the contest.

5. Decision of the judges is final and irrevocable so no hard feelings if you werenít chosen. Just be proud of yourself for a job well done and doing your best. Who knows? In the next category, you might shine above the rest.

Join now to see more information regarding this contest. Now is the time to show the world the sexy you in lingerie. Be proud of what you can offer. Join now!

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