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Finally, sexy stilettos are back in fashion. For a while, fashion designers and experts focused solely on flats and sandals, but now the gorgeous sexy stiletto is taller and more slender than ever.

Finally, sexy stilettos are back in fashion. For a while, fashion designers and experts focused solely on flats and sandals, but now the gorgeous Sexy stilettos is taller and more slender than ever.

Not too long ago, fashion experts called stilettos tasteless and relegated them to vulgar people. While stilettos may be brash, they’re also confident, bold, and so very alluring. Whether you’re a famous runway model, elderly woman, teenager, or even a man, when you put on a pair of stilettos, you are instantly stunning and sexy.

The Runway

On the runway this year, Saint Laurent brought back puffed shoulders, bustiers, and short skirts of the eighties and paired them with metallic stilettos. Nina Ricci’s eighties inspired looks incorporated colored and lacy tights that matched her models’ sexy stilettos.

How to Wear Sexy Stilettos

High heels are challenging enough, so how can you walk in stilettos? Most importantly, the shoe has to fit correctly. If they’re too big, your feet will move around. That’s uncomfortable and can lead to blisters. If they’re too small, your feet will jam and that really hurts.

Once you find a pair that fits, put on some panty hose or knee highs and practice walking around your house to “break them in.” Gel inserts might help make them more comfortable.

Sexy Shooz UK

Sexy Shooz UK is a family owned shoe business. The family is so enthusiastic about sexy shoes and dedicated to pleasing those who also love them, it literally had to name the business after its passion!

At Sexy Shooz, you’ll find a wide variety of Sexy high heels in an array of heights. Of course, you’ll find a wide selection of sexy stilettos, too. Up to seven inches! It carries every woman’s shoe size up to UK size 12 and specializes in hard-to-find small and large sizes, too. It also carries boots, large women’s shoes, large women’s boots, and even women’s shoes for men. If you have extra wide feet, a high arch, or some other issue that makes finding shoes difficult, Sexy Shooz will help you find something that fits great and looks spectacular.

How to Order

Sexy Shooz obtains most of its shoes come from Pleaser in America, one of the finest shoe manufacturers. Such means that they are American sized. No worries though, because the Sexy Shooz site contains a chart that converts the sizes to both UK and Europe size. All you have to do is order your shoe at your usual UK size. See the chart at :

Your shoe will arrive in a box marked with the American size. Rest assured, however, that Sexy Shooz converted it to the proper UK size.

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