Eight Fashion Tips for Busy Moms on a Budget

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Struggling to stay fashionable AND bring up kids? Use these pointers to help you keep your wardrobe up to date without blowing the budget.

Too many women lose track of themselves in the hectic day-to-day life that goes with bringing up kids. It creeps up on you without you realising, until you suddenly realise you're out of fashion and feeling dowdy. These tips will help you stay on top.

Use Layers

By layering clothes as demonstrated at Rock.in, you can get maximum use out of every garment and it's a technique that's especially useful during the colder winter months when you want extra warmth but don't want to feel too bundled up. Layer t-shirts over vest, layer short-sleeves over long sleeves and contrast patterned and plain fabrics.

Notice Trends

The key to keeping up with fashion is to buy little and often. Keeping one eye on changing fashion trends means you won't suddenly wake up on morning and discover your whole wardrobe is hopelessly outdated. Buy magazines, watch fashion shows on tv, or keep up with fashion blogs online and websites like Rock.in, then shop accordingly to keep your wardrobe updated.

Think Colour

Colour tastes and styles change from year to year and keeping up with the latest in colour is a good way to control your budget and stay fashionable at the same time. Adding just one or two key pieces to your wardrobe, for instance leggings or jeggings in the latest colour, gives you a fashion boost without masses of expense.

Go Vintage

Vintage has an expensive ring to it, but it doesn't have to be. Many true vintage items can be found in the humble charity shop if you keep your eyes open and pop in frequently. They're also fun for kids, who can browse a cheap selection of toys while you look for fashionable vintage items.


While we're not quite at the make-do-and-mend stage of economy, keeping to a budget while staying fashionable is easier if you have a little crafting skill. Learning to sew means you can turn cast-off miniskirts into trendy and unique bags, or refashion worn out jeans into skirts. You can also make kids clothes go further if you're able to change them about and upcycle them for siblings - leaving a greater portion of the budget for your own fashion needs.

Consider Comfort

Being fashionable loses its appeal when it prevents you being able to keep up with the kids. Keep one eye on comfort as you fashion shop, choosing items that are easy to wear during the day when the kids are around and saving the high heels or tight-fitting clothes for evenings out with friends or partners.

Do Something Different

Using accessories wisely allows you to take advantage of the latest colour trends without updating your whole wardrobe. Get a scarf or belt in the latest must-have shade and team it up with a neutral coloured outfit for an instant pop of fashion that's both comfortable and on-trend.


Don't be afraid to try new things. You never know what will work or suit you if you don't try. Not sure about a certain skirt length? Take one or two into the fitting room. You don't have to make expensive purchase mistakes to discover what suits you when you can pop into a fitting room for a spur of the moment fashion experiment.

Staying on-budget, bringing up kids and keeping up with fashion may seem like a tall order, but with a willingness to experiment, take notice of fashion trends and shop wisely it's perfectly doable.

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CJ writes regularly on fashion subjects. She writes for a range of parenting and fashion website and blogs that includes Rock.in.

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