Top Four Places to Go On Your First Date

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Guys sometimes struggle for ideas of where they can take their date for the first time. Trying very hard to make a second date men try their hardest to come up with new date ideas that will leave hope for the future.

Typically the first date is more of the dinner and a movie concept which is alright, but it certainly does not have the same affect anymore. If you are going to see to it that your date has enough fun to ask you out again, you must take time and dedication in planning the first date. Your first date is like your first impression and therefore going too far left or right of what a woman desires could be a complete and utter failure.

1. Bowling – going to the bowling alley can be lots of great fun! The atmosphere is very laid back and therefore you can feel free to be yourself. Bowling allows you to see your date in a more active and fun environment. You can engage in conversations between turns, and even add a bit of friendly competition to the night. Many women, even if they cannot bowl can learn to enjoy themselves in this setting. Lots of bowling alleys now have bars, mini restaurants, and pool tables for some additional fun. You can find bowling alleys everywhere and therefore, it should be fairly easy to find.

2. Picnic – many men might think this is a bit cheesy for a first date, but showing a woman your romantic creative side from the very beginning could prove to be very beneficial to you. You don’t have to go and look at the stars (though that would be a nice idea), simply pack a lunch and take your date to a park that has lots of scenery to look at. Picnics allow for one on one time taking in what nature has to offer. You get to connect with your date on a clam level, and an even bigger motivator is this can be a very inexpensive first date!

3. Site Seeing – Are you from a very popular tourist attraction? If so you might consider playing tour guide to your date. If she’s been to your parts before, try to think of areas in which you might be able to show her that she has never seen. If not, you can always try to show her “secret hideaways” and escapes within your town that tourists would not know about. Another great idea would be to take her down memory lane showing her where you grew up and talking about childhood stories. This approach lets your date know that you want her to know you and that you are serious about getting to know her. It allows you to both reminisce about the good old days and compare innocent childhood stories.

4. Dinner – landing at number five on the list is dinner. While this is a typical first date idea you can always add special moments to the dinner to make it more special. Try a new restaurant with interesting food choices, order roses and have them delivered to your table, or create a romantic dinner at your home for a more personal touch.

All of these choices are sure to get you a yes for the next date. Remember to put thought into dating if you’re serious about it. The more thought that goes into your date, the better your first impression will be.

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