Winning Photos of May 2011's Short Shorts Fashion Contest Announced!

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Winning Photos of May 2011's Short Shorts Fashion Contest Announced! Over 100 Gift cards added for contest prizes.

Last month's May 2011 Short Shorts Fashion contest winning photos are announced. Below are the winning photos. Congratulations ladies!

Grand Prize: $200 Gift card

Nesha from Pennsylvania, USA
1st Prize: $100 Gift card

Miss Haynes from Australia
2nd Prize: $50 Gift card

Adrianna from Massachusetts, USA
3rd Prize: $25 Gift card

Cobie from Holland

View May 2011's winning contest photos (large)

Ladies, nine (9) more days left to enter this month's lingerie modeling fashion contest. Visit the Chichi Pageant & Contests page for rules & details and to submit photos and/or videos of yourself in Lingerie Modeling Fashion. Over one-hundred (100) prizes in gift cards have been added.

Summertime is here! Next month's, July 2011 fashion contest theme will be Summer Dress Fashion!

Ella Fitzgerald - "Summertime" (TV Special 1968)

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