Top Four Mistakes Made When Trying to Lose Weight

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If you’re trying to lose weight but have been unsuccessful over the past few months, chances are you are not making the right choices.

Being motivated to lose weight is definitely a great thing, but not knowing what your body needs and what direction you are trying to go in could really do you more harm than good. Many people when trying to lose weight make the mistake of denying their bodies too much of the things it needs to stay healthy and burn fat.

With all the new fads, dieting plans, and internet groups available, it can be very easy for someone to get caught up in losing weight in a way that will not work for their bodies. If you really want to shed those pounds you should consider taking a self evaluation. Below are four common mistakes made as people try and lose weight, if you find that you have done one or all of these mistakes, adjusting your plans will give you the results you’re looking for.

Do You Compare Your Progress with Others?
This is a huge factor. While you may watch television and see movie starts bounce from 200 pounds to 150 pounds in two weeks, this is not a normal occurrence for everyone. Celebrities have personal chefs, trainers, and access to any form of weight loss regimens out there.

As the “average Joe” you cannot assume that because your favorite actress just lost 50 pounds in two weeks that you will get there too. While you should not compare yourself to celebrities, you also should not compare yourself to others in your inner circle. Just because you are smaller than your sister and you start working out at the same time, does not mean that you will lose weight faster than she will.
Therefore get your own goals in mind and stick to it.

Following after someone else could cause you to get discouraged mentally and then you’ll stop trying altogether. Everyone loses weight at their own pace. Understanding this will help you feel much better.

Do You Starve Yourself or Miss Meals?
Unless you’re going for a more skeletal look, starving yourself or missing meals is never the way to go. Many people believe that if you don’t eat, the weight will come off, and in some cases it can; however, it has adverse affects on your body’s performance. If you are not fueling your body properly it will shut down on you. You will start to feel sluggish and unmotivated to do anything. Eating less does not mean starve yourself or skip meals; it simply means learning to control your portions and the amount of times you eat in a day.
In fact, recent studies have even shown that not eating can cause your body to gain weight! You should continue to have at least three meals per day and even consider a small snack in between.

You are probably shocked to see that you have made one or more of these common mistakes in your weight loss journey. Rather than quit trying, consider rethinking your strategy and get your mind in tune with your body to achieve the ultimate healthy body.

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