Great Skincare Tips for the Winter

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As the weather begins to get colder, we are going to start to need to cover up and protect ourselves from the damaging affects of the cold air.

Your skin takes a serious beating during the colder months as it can become very dry, dull, tight and lack luster from not properly caring for your skin as well as the weather conditions. There are lots of people who during the winter develop skin conditions like eczema, flaking, and cracking skin. The trick to having great skin all year long is to figure out a routine and stick to it.

Apply Minimal Sunscreen
Now you might be thinking that applying sunscreen is something you only do during the summer months, however, even though there is not a lot of intense sunshine during the winter months you can still have your skin harmed by the affects of the sun. This can in turn cause wrinkles, and aging especially around the eyes. Using sunblock on the regular basis is advised, you can apply it to areas that are the most exposed during the cold months to protect your skin.

Moisturizing is Important
Your skin is going to need a lot more moisturizing during the winter. Your skin will begin to lose the natural oils as the weather conditions become harsher. Heating sources that we use indoors will begin to suck your skinís natural hydration, which then can make it fragile and even more prone to damaging. Therefore, your entire body should be moisturized on the regular basis, this is true for areas that are and are not directly covered.

Change Cleansing Products
During the summer you might be able to get away with a basic facial cleanser and moisturizer, but during the winter you might need to apply something that is harsher. You might want to consider using a moisturizer that has an oil base, so that it will protect your skin and lock in the moisture. However, you must be careful of the type of oils you are using as they can clog your pores. It is suggested that you use oils that do not clog such as avocado or mineral oil.

Cooler Baths and Showers
Now we all love the idea of hopping into a hot bath or shower after being outside in the cold. It soothes our aches and makes us feel great. The only problem with that is that hot baths and showers can also strip our skin of its natural oils and lead to very dry skin. By taking cooler baths or showers you are able to maintain the natural defenses of the skin therefore, preventing rough cracking skin.

Wear Protective Clothing
Yes, its likely true that no one is interested in walking around with a hat, scarf, and gloves on, but truth be told it is important. The weather conditions can really damage your skin as your hands, fingers, and even your face become very dry, itchy, and cracked. Therefore wearing things such as gloves, scarfs, hats, and more can protect the skin from being damaged.

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