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We are women and we all know that most things we do in life we do to “beat” other women. However, this post is not about female enviousness and desire to outperform our female competitors, it's about women-beauty queen and possible ways to become one!

Miss Congeniality is one of my favorite movies. I bet it is also one of your favorite ones. Part of its popularity is Sandra Bullock playing a role of a strong woman-policeman whose hidden beauty potentials are severely neglected. However, the most essential factor of its popularity is in that it realizes one of the greatest and most hidden dreams of all women, regardless of their profession – it is a dream to become a beauty queen and beat the records of popularity among men and, more importantly, among women.

Just a year ago, many online newspapers exploded with a small sensation of a 22-year-old lady named Bree Boyce, who became Miss South. The most surprising was the fact that, to become a queen, Boyce had lost about 110 pounds. Looking at her astonishing pictures, it is difficult to imagine that slim lady had ever weighed so much. However, pictures do not lie, and we can easily get back into her childhood and adolescent years, when she could not dream even of wearing high heels!

For millions of women around the world, the example of Bree Boyce tells much. It means that virtually any woman with a strong desire to become beautiful can easily achieve her goal. Of course, the word “easily” has a figurative meaning here, because losing 110 pounds is an absolutely unbelievable task! Boyce claims that she is against obesity. She did not apply to any new methods of losing weight and simply shifted to a healthy lifestyle. Of course, Boyce does not forget to mention that one of her greatest stimuli was her elder sister Tiffany who, since she had been six, started to participate in various beauty contests.

So, what are you to do if you wish to become a beauty queen? Note, it is not necessary to be a police woman like Miss Congeniality. First of all, try to decide whether you really wish to be a beauty queen. Imagine yourself living according to a tough and ever changing schedule, when you are being torn between charity meetings, parties, and beauty contests. You are a public figure, so are you sure you can match the desired ideal?

Second, if you decide that being a beauty queen is what you actually want and need, get prepared to invest thousands of dollars and huge emotions in your appearance. Be beautiful. Keep your posture. Do not copy others. Become influential and set your trends. Make people follow you. Fascinate. Mesmerize. Smile, but remember that appearance is not everything! Be in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Try to look beyond your selfishness. Irradiate happiness, openness, and kindness! Love everyone unconditionally and teach the world to do the same!

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